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Wassup My name is Vanessa :D im a Huge Selenator And CimFam <3 they're My Life, Follow me on Twitter :) i follow Back to Selenators and Of course CimFam's



I’ve got a couple of rp ideas up my sleeve, so why don’t you apply as a coadmin and we can brainstorm together?

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"—Disculpa, ¿qué hora es?
—Falta un cuarto para los dos."

camila_cabello: it is impossible to caption a selfie without being awkward





I love Mags’ little head shake and the expression on her face before she raises her hand.
She’s just like “No.”

You can see her deciding to die for Annie

No but real talk. Mags would’ve been one of Annie’s mentors. She watched Annie fall apart after her Games. And she watched Finnick put Annie back together, no doubt Annie was trying to hold herself together when Finnick was reaped, but when she was? No she completely lost all of the composure she had. In the books, Annie has a full on breakdown on stage, even after Mags volunteers, and Finnick was the only one able to calm her down.

she said it!!!!
I’m actually waiting for a camren duet tbh 

Credits to ladysofchoice @ twitter